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How to Grill Green Beans Without a Grill? Panini Maker!!

Last week my friend Sylvie tweeted that her mother in law was bringing her a bunch of fresh green beans. I asked what she was planning to do with them, and Sylvie tweeted back that she was just going to grill them.

Well, unlike Sylvie, I don't have either a mother in law or a grill. I did, however, had quite a large amount of green beans from my latest Washington Green Grocer order.

In the past, I've pan sautéed the green beans, pickled them, and roasted them. This time, inspired by Sylvie's grilling idea, I decided to do just that. Grill them. But how did I do that without a grill?

How to Grill Green Beans Without a Grill? Panini Maker!!

I think this was quite a brilliant idea on my part. There's no need to heat the oven. Just heat your Panini maker, season the beans with olive oil, salt and spices, and then put them perpendicular (those math classes really come in handy!!) to the Panini maker's grilling thingies in a single layer. 10 minutes later you have grilled beans!!!

There's no need to turn/flip the beans as you'd have to do if you were to roast them or use a grill pan because the Panini makers grills them from top and bottom. Your house doesn't get overheated. You end up with tender beans with adorable grill marks!

This is going to be my favorite method from now on!

What spice did I use? Green zatar. But you can use whatever you want!

Eat these beans as is, add them to salads or serve on top of farro. They are also great topped with goat cheese.

What's your favorite method for cooking green beans?


SaucySnoop said...

Smashing! Never thought of that and I'm going to need to be resourceful with the heat and a small kitchen! Thanks a lot

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

So glad to hear you like this idea!!! Let me know which spices you use.

SaucySnoop said...

I used garlic and a little sumac, which gives the beans a wonderfully zesty flavor. It was perfect! thanks for the tip ;)

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

Yay!!!! Thank you so much for coming back and leaving the comment.

April @ Girl Gone Gourmet said...

Great idea! Perfect for rainy days or the "I'm too lazy to take the cover off the grill" days :)

Megan said...

Those look great! Who needs a grill?!