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How To Plan THE Perfect Brunch: 5 Must Haves

How To Plan THE Perfect Brunch?? Have you ever wondered about this? Of course you can go out to a restaurant, but there's something special about getting together with your friends either at their house or your own on a Saturday or a Sunday and catching up over good food and beverages.

Here are my 5 must haves for THE perfect brunch!

1) Have awesome friends. Meet my friend Cecilia.
2) Invite yourself over.
3) Have awesome savory food:

~ Bacon
~ Roasted little potatoes with herbs and red pepper flakes 

4) Have awesome sweet food:

~Dutch Baby Pancakes with white peaches and cherries

5) Have great beverages:

~ belinis

Bonus: Plan a fun activity after brunch:

~walking around

So now you know ;) Get together with your friends this weekend, cook together, get a bit tipsy and hang out!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Alexandra said...

Lol! I love that you listed 'nap' as an activity. This sounds like a perfect day.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

It is an activity ;)

April A. said...

Brunch is the best! Especially when there's nothing to do the rest of the day :)