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Play With Your Food: Watermelon, Tomato & Cucumber Skewers

There are so many serious, heartbreaking, disappointing and just sad things happening in the world. Sometimes, the smallest things can brighten your mood, so go ahead and buy yourself flowers, or put on your favorite perfume, or eat a piece of dark chocolate, or have a mini dancing party, or play with your food! These Watermelon, Tomato & Cucumber Skewers are not going to solve all of life's heartaches, but they will make you smile. Plus, they are easy to make, fun to eat, and taste delicious!

Play With Your Food: Watermelon, Tomato & Cucumber Skewers

I used a small ♥ shaped cookie cutter, but you can simply cut your watermelon into cubes.

For the tomatoes, I used mini versions of zebra tomatoes, but you can use cherry or grape tomatoes.

I also used fresh basil!

Basically all you need to do is skewer watermelon, tomato, cucumber and basil in an appealing design. Then go ahead and drizzle the skewers with a bit of olive oil and season with kosher salt.

That's it!

If you don't like the idea of the skewers, simply mix all the ingredients in a bowl and eat with a fork.

This is a great easy to make and attractive appetizer to serve at summer parties!