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From The Farmer Review and Celeriac & Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg & Tomatillo Salsa

Last month I was approached by a local food delivery service, From The Farmer, to see if I'd be interested in giving them a try for free. My answer wasn't an automatic yes. Why? I had mixed feelings about accepting this generous offer because I have been a happy paying customer of a similar service, Washington Green Grocer, for the last six months. In the end, I decided that there is enough room for multiple food delivery services, and it would not hurt to try something new.

Plus, free is good ;)

Here's how From The Farmer works:
1) sign up on their website
2) choose your order: half bushel (6-8 items), single bushel (8-10 items) or double bushel
3) add extras such as eggs, bread, etc
4) schedule your delivery (you are not signing up for life! you can skip any week you'll be out of town, etc)
5) get ready for a few fun emails

From The Farmer sends a few emails prior to delivery to let you know what's going to be arriving at your door with links to recipes using some of the ingredients. This is your chance to say you don't like a certain item and ask for a double of another one.

All the items that you get delivered are local and seasonal. Alas, they don't come with a hot farmer. I know, nothing in life is perfect.

The delivery happens overnight, so by the time you wake up in the morning, your box will be waiting for you outside of your door and you can promptly put the items in the refrigerator.

I opted for a single bushel with half a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread.

These are some of the items I received last week. LOVED the bread. The eggs had the brightest yellow yolks I've seen in a while. The Roma tomatoes were red through and through, just like the ones I saw in Bakersfield, and both the apples and the Asian pears were sweet and crunchy.

I've yet to use the cauliflower: maybe tonight.

The pack of tomatillos and jalapenos came with a recipe printed directly on it!

Over the weekend I decided to use some of the produce I received from From The Farmer to make Celeriac & Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg & Tomatillo Salsa.

Celeriac & Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg & Tomatillo Salsa
Serves 2

1 celeriac root, peeled, diced
2 white sweet potatoes, peeled, diced
olive oil
salt & pepper
2 teaspoons paprika
3 tomatillos, skin removed
1 jalapeno
1/2 lime, juiced {not from From the Farmer}
2 tablespoons chopped parsley, plus more for garnish {not from From the Farmer}
2 eggs, fried
1 Roma tomato, diced
tortilla chips to serve {not from From the Farmer}

1. Preheat the oven to 425. Drizzle diced celeriac root and sweet potatoes with olive oil and season with salt and pepper and paprika. Roast in a single layer on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes.
2. Increase the temperature of the oven to 475 and continue to roast the vegetables for 10-20 more minutes. Keep in mind that celeriac cubes will remain a bit crunchy.
3. Meanwhile, char the tomatillos and jalapeno directly on the gas flame. If you don't have a gas stove, you can broil them.
4. Removed the seeds from the jalapeno. Puree charred tomatillos and jalapeno with lime juice, parsley, and season with salt. I added some water to this mixture, which made the salsa watery and wasn't necessary.
5. Serve roasted celeriac root and white sweet potatoes topped with a fried egg and fresh parsley with a side of fresh tomatoes, tomatillo salsa and tortilla chips.

This was a great weekend late breakfast! I had leftover roasted vegetables and tomatillo salsa that were great as toppings/dressing for a salad.

How great did that runny yolk look???

Thank you From The Farmer for a bushel of produce!! I look forward to seeing what comes in two weeks. I loved the freshness of the produce and friendly customer service.

Disclosure: I am receiving a total of two free orders from From The Farmer. I was not compensated for this post or the recipe. All opinions are my own.