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Best Burger in DC: Brunch at Duke's Grocery

It's almost 2015!!! Many people are writing "the best of" lists" which I wasn't planning on doing until I had brunch at Duke's Grocery with my friend Mary and her adorable 3 year old daughter this past Sunday and discovered THE BEST BURGER I've had in a very long time!! So I had to share with you. 

Duke's Grocery is "a neighborhood pub and supper spot located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The idea is simple: create a fun spot that our friends (you!) can come in anytime and have a fulfilling meal, a tasty drink and great time in an atmosphere that is unpretentious and laid back. Tuck in, drink up and enjoy!"

Our waiter recommended we get a Full English Brekkie which you can see below. It had toast, beans, eggs, sausage, tomatoes, arugula and blood sausage. It was a spectacular dish, but the winning order was the burger (scroll down).

What a beauty!!! And trust me, the taste was way better than the looks. This brunch burger included Gouda, house dill pickles, two perfectly medium rare cooked beef patties, grilled onion, garlic mayonnaise, rocket (aka arugula) and house made chili sauce. Mary and I split the burger down the middle and devoured it in minutes. Apparently some people add fried egg or avocado, but I can't imagine fitting those in my mouth. More importantly, those would not even be necessary: the burger was so good as is.

I'll definitely be back! Plus, props to our waiter for being patient and accommodating.