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Where To Eat In Salt Lake City: Taste of Red Iguana

As I'm getting ready for a four day weekend trip to New York City to visit my good friend Jenny and her boyfriend Chris, I am reminiscing about an amazing meal I had at Red Iguana with Rachael during my trip to Utah for Thanksgiving.

I loved how bright and inviting both the outside and the inside of the restaurant were. Plus, we had the most patient and kind waitress...let's just say it took a while for Rachael and me to decide what to order.

Luckily, Rachael's sister in law told us that we can order a sampler of moles! Not only were the moles served on a little plate and looked like a flower, the sample was free!

My least favorite moles were the ones with bananas! I've never heard of using bananas in moles (it's one of my least favorite fruits), but I can see how it makes the texture of the mole rich and smooth.

My favorite ones were the following:


Golden raisins, yellow tomatoes, yellow zucchini, guajillo, aji and habanero chiles makes this mole a fiery favorite


Fresh chile poblano, jalapeno, blended with pepitas, sesame seeds, basil, onions, lettuce, zucchini, and avocadsos
A pumpkin seed sauce made with dried chile guajillo, peanuts, pepitas, onions, and tomatoes

We decided to share two dishes (plus house made guacamole!).

To share: fish tacos and two kinds of mole in one dish. I love when restaurants allow you to be flexible and mix and match a few flavors together.

You could almost feel the love in the food: it was definitely not mass produced. The flavors were fresh, rich, and we were tempted to lick our plates. Did we? I will never tell ;)

I so wish Red Iguana would open a location in DC!! Pretty please!!!!

What has been your latest favorite eating out experience during your travels?