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Too Much Broccoli? Make Soup! Cheesy Broccoli And Spinach Soup

Do you have too much broccoli on hand? Are you clueless about what to make for dinner? Are you craving a bowl of hot delicious soup? If you answered yes to these questions, my Cheesy Broccoli And Spinach Soup recipe will be perfect for you!

Last week I had too much broccoli and wasn't sure what to do with it. That's when my friend Megan sent me a recipe for Broccoli Cheese Soup from Cook's Illustrated. Not a member of that website? No worries. I made plenty of changes to be able to call this recipe my own and to share it with you.

Too Much Broccoli? Make Soup! Cheesy Broccoli And Spinach Soup
Adapted from Cook's Illustrated
Serves 4-6

2 tablespoons olive oil
1.5 pounds broccoli: coarsely chop the tops and slice the stems into coins
1 onion, diced
1 medium potato, peeled and cubed
2 garlic cloves, chopped
2 tablespoons dried mustard
ancho chile pepper to taste
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups of water {more if needed}
1/4 teaspoon baking soda {apparently it helps to tenderize the broccoli}
2 cups chicken stock
10 ounces frozen chopped spinach, defrosted, extra liquid squeezed out
3/4 cups shredded extra sharp cheddar
3/4 cups shredded Parmesan, plus more as a topping
fresh basil for garnish
toasted bread for serving

1. Heat olive oil in a heavy Dutch oven. Add broccoli, onion, potato, garlic, mustard, ancho chile pepper and salt and sauté for 10 minutes.
2. Add the water and baking soda, bring the mixture to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
3. Add chicken stock and spinach and simmer for 10 more minutes.
4. Add the cheese.
5. Puree the soup using an immersion blender. Taste for seasoning and add more salt and ancho chile pepper if needed. This is also the point where you can add a bit more water depending on the consistency you desire.
6. Serve topped with grated Parmesan and fresh basil and a side of toasted bread.

First of all, this soup was incredibly easy to make.
Second of all, it tasted awesome and was great as leftovers.
Thirdly, look at that color!!!

I hope you make this soup tonight or sometime soon.

What do YOU like to do with broccoli?