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Happy Purim: Recipe For Unorthodox Hamentashen With Fig Jam

Happy Purim! Whether you are a religious Jew, a cultural Jew, or just like sweets, you will love these Unorthodox Hamentashen With Fig Jam.

I've made proper hamentashen in the past, but this year I ended up doing something slightly different.

I was out of jam. I did not feel like making hamentashen dough. THEN I thought why not use the frozen rugelach dough I had from making one of Dorie Greenspan's recipes!? Sure rugelach dough and hamentashen dough aren't the same, but I'm not one to follow the rules all the time ;)

The dough issue was solved, but I was still out of jam. That's when I wondered whether you can make jam from dried figs. Turns out you can! Thank you TheKitchn for a great tutorial.

Click on the video below to hear my voice ;) Did you know I have an accent!?

I used dried black mission figs my parents sent me last year when I broke my arm. I followed the recipe from The Kitchn closely, but used half the sugar and roughly chopped the figs before cooking them. You guys! The aroma was unbelievable. This is such a lovely jam.

I then defrosted and rolled out the rugelach dough. Cut it into circles with an oxo cutter, added a spoon of jam, put a bit of water on the outside edge of the dough and formed each cookie into a triangle shape making sure to squeeze the seams well. To make sure the dough would not spread too much, I froze the cookies for 5 minutes prior to baking them.

I baked these cookies at 350F for 25 minutes. There was no need to oil or butter the cookie sheet because the dough was buttery enough.

How good do they look!?!

Happy Purim!