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How To Turn Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee In FIVE Minutes

The first thing I thought this past Saturday morning when I woke up after a night of salsa dancing was "who is this in bed next to me???????????????"

KIDDING. I wanted to see if you {whoever you are who may be reading this} were paying attention.

No, what I actually thought was "fuck, I forgot to put my French press with finely ground coffee beans and cold water in the fridge the night before to make iced coffee."

It was super hot outdoors, and although I had my AC on full blast, the idea of hot coffee did not sound appealing. Nor did I want to go outside to get iced coffee. I also did not want to wait for the hot brewed coffee to get cold.


But then I remembered a super cool method of turning freshly brewed coffee into iced coffee in a matter of a few minutes that Carey showed me while I was attending Cape Cod photography workshop a few months ago. When Carey first mentioned this method, I did not believe her.

I may have trust issues.

Once I saw what Carey did, however, and drank the results, I was a believer ;)

How To Turn Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee In FIVE Minutes

1) Brew hot coffee.
2) Take two heat proof containers and fill one with 1-2 cups of ice. {I used 2 Pyrex containers.}

3. Poor the brewed coffee into the container with ice and then quickly pour it into the second container. Don't worry, the ice will not immediately melt despite what you may think.
4. Pour the coffee and ice back into the first glass container and repeat these steps a few times.

5. Like magic, the hot brewed coffee would have cooled down by quite a bit at this point. Pour it into a glass or a jar with new ice and add half and half.
6. Add a straw and enjoy.

Do you trust me!? Then definitely try this at home ;)