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Where To Buy Food Styling Props? Make Them!

Hi! I don't have a recipe for you today. Instead, I wanted to share a few of the pieces I've made in my pottery class. Tonight is my last class, so I'll have about 6 more projects to post about later this month, but for now, these are the first ones that I've completed.

Don't you love the combination of blue and yellow?

It has been a long time since my first pottery class in high school. I remember how much I loved working on the wheel and seeing what I can make from a lump of clay. I also remember how heartbreaking it was when a piece you were working on broke or was stolen.

10 weeks ago I signed up for pottery classes at Hinckley Pottery in hopes of getting my creative juices to flow, have some fun activity to look forward to and to make a few pieces I can use in my every day life as well as to feature on the blog.

The piece below was an accident. After making a pretty round little bowl, I bumped into it with my hand causing the opening to become crooked. Instead of throwing away the entire bowl, I decided to cut out a piece of the "mouth." I think it turned out rather pretty. Although the photos below show strawberries, currently I'm using it to hold garlic.

The bowl/plate below is my favorite! You'll be seeing it a lot on the blog ;) I love eating out of something that I made with my own hands. The glaze is called mamo, and I love that it's matte finish and really allows the food to shine.


The little "jar" below was inspired by two pieces of pottery I bought in Asheville. Unfortunately, it has a hole on the bottom, but I may try to use it as a tiny planter. It was fun to work on making a textured container.

And finally a plant container and a vase. Because I love flowers ;)