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Fall Flower Centerpiece in a Pumpkin!

It's Friday!!! Happy almost weekend.

If you know me, you know I love flowers and buy them for myself pretty much weekly. Girls, treat yourself! Don't wait for a man to buy you flowers. You deserve all the beauty in your life!

Last week I signed up and attended a flower arrangement class at Hill Center in DC organized by Bree of Capitol Romance and taught by Emily of love blooms. I absolutely loved it! The class was really well organized, there were treats and beverages, a wide variety of flowers to choose from and great instructions.

The theme of the class was fall: we learned how to make a centerpiece inside of a pumpkin!

Here are a few things I learned:
1) start your arrangement with greenery, then add secondary flowers, then add your star flowers
2) you don't have to make your arrangement perfectly symmetrical: this was really hard for me to do because I LOVE symmetry, but I tried my best
3) to tell if flowers you are buying are fresh, look at the leaves!
4) the little packets of food you get with store-bought flowers will work ONLY if you follow the instructions precisely! Emily said she basically uses fresh water only and changes it daily.

I'm in love with how my arrangement turned out and have enjoyed it for a week. It still looks beautiful and makes me so happy!

Have a great weekend!