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Eating Out In Portland: Oso And Blue Star

You guys! I'm having a mild panic moment: I have no travel plans as of now going forward. HELP!

I'm considering whisking myself away somewhere for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend in January. Miami? Charlottesville? Greenville? I'm trying to pick a new place (I've already been to Savannah, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charleston, etc, etc.) that's a quick plane ride away, doesn't require having a car, and has good food and fun things to do. Suggestions??

Thinking about my travel options, reminded me that I haven't posted these photos from my day trip to Portland this past August. During my trip to Seattle to visit my family, Anna, Lera and I drove to Oregon Wine Country, and then stopped for a night in Portland on the way back.

Before driving back to Seattle, we met up with Fabiola for brunch and dounuts. I love reuniting with my blogger friends when I travel, and seeing Fabiola was super fun.

For brunch, we met at Oso Market. I loved the causal d├ęcor, the spicy Bloody Mary and the fact that we weren't overwhelmed with choices. Sometimes it's completely alright to have a short menu.

When food bloggers and friends of food bloggers eat, there are a lot of photographs and a lot of sharing. That's exactly what happened:

That's Fabi and me doing what we do ;)

And then we HAD to check out Blue Star Donuts. Alas we were too full to actually eat them, but Anna and I picked up a variety of treats to bring back to Seattle and share with our parents and brother. We were raised well ;)

Anna and I.

Donut wheel. I don't even remember my favorite one...I think it might have been the pink glazed one. Hibiscus?

What's your next travel adventure?