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What To Make With Spiralizer: Daikon Radish & Carrot Salad With An Asian Twist

It's 2016! Happy New Year to you all. I have an announcement to make: I decided to become a vegan. Well, not even just a vegan: I thought I'd keep a raw diet from now on.

KIDDING! I would not survive a day :)

This Daikon Radish & Carrot Salad With An Asian Twist, however, is vegan, and raw and perfect for Meatless Monday.

My parents gave me cash for Hanukkah and I bought a spiralizer attachment for my KitchenAid. The attachment is fun to use and makes spirals and ribbons from fruit and vegetables. My dad, though, did not understand the appeal of making zucchini pasta and kept on asking me if I could make real pasta with the spirallizer.

I'll make zucchini pasta as soon as I buy some zucchini, but for now I present to you Daikon Radish & Carrot Salad With An Asian Twist. 

Growing up in Russia, my parents made a salad from shredded daikon radishes and carrots seasoned with sunflower oil, salt and pepper. It was pretty, crunchy, and good for you. I added a few Asian condiments to mine this time around.

Daikon Radish & Carrot Salad With An Asian Twist

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{No amounts are necessary: use as much or as little of each as you like. If you don't have a spiralizer, use a grater.}

Daikon radish, peeled, spiralized
Carrots, peeled, spiralized
sunflower oil
toasted sesame seed oil
rice vinegar
salt {or soy sauce}
fresh cilantro
black sesame seeds

1. In a large bowl combine daikon radish and carrots and drizzle with the oils and vinegar. Taste. Adjust. Season with salt.
2. Serve topped with cilantro and black sesame seeds.