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Avgolemono Soup Recipe From Serious Eats With A Few Of My Touches

Confession: I've never tried Avgolemono soup. WHAT!? Yes, my twin was shocked by this statement too.

When I saw my friend Paige's tweet about the comfort and warmth of Avgolemono soup she was looking forward to eating after work, I asked her for the recipe and was determined to make it that same weekend.

The recipe for this Greek soup of rice or orzo with eggs and lemon juice comes from Serious Eats. I only made a few changes and so will not be retyping the recipe here. Go show Serious Eats some love ;)

Avgolemono Soup Recipe From Serious Eats With A Few Of My Touches

I only made half the recipe and used orzo and not rice. My orzo cooked faster than the recipe metioned it would.

Adding a mixutre of eggs and lemon juice to the soup sounded so weird to me. It added milky and frothy texture and a very rich taste to the soup. To counter the richness, I added defrosted peas and fresh dill. I also added shredded rotisserie turkey breast to the soup once it was done.

If I were to make the soup again, I'd take the cooked orzo out of the pot before adding egg/lemon mixture and only add it as necessary to bowls right before eating the soup. If you have leftovers, the orzo would expand overnight.

Thoughts: this was one of the strangest soups I've ever had. Not a bad strange. I was happy to try a new recipe ;)