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Kraut Source: Fermented Cauliflower

Growing up in Russia, my mom canned a variety of vegetables and made preserves, but my dad was typically in charge of making sauerkraut. This wasn't the type of sauerkraut you find in a plastic bag in your deli. His has crunchy texture and often includes  carrots in addition to cabbage. He continues this tradition in Seattle making HUGE buckets of the lovely condiment and would probably make fun of me for trying out Kraut Source.

You see, you don't need Kraut Source to make fermented vegetables, but it definitely makes the entire process neater and easier. I received a Kraut Source kit pictured above to try out in my kitchen. The kit has several parts, but the video tutorials available on line make it easy to assemble and use. Basically, you need a wide mouth jar, vegetables, filtered water, sea salt and the Kraut Source. The Kraut Source keeps the ingredients submerged in the salty water and makes sure there is no mess on your kitchen counters.

The product website has a variety of recipes, but I thought I'd make my own concoction of cauliflower, little peppers, garlic and dill.

Because I did not have filtered water, the nice people at Kraut Source recommended I boil regular water and let it cool and then use it. They also have a great Q&A section for different issues that may come up.

Below is my concoction all put together.

I'm not going to give you a recipe, because using little peppers was an awful idea. They turned a very unappealing flavor and texture and went straight to the garbage. Luckily, cauliflower came out well.

I definitely need to try one of the Kraut Source's recipes next!

Disclaimer: I received a Kraut Source kit free of charge but am not being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.