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New Plant-Based (Vegan) Restaurant in Washington DC: Shouk

Do you ever want a quick lunch or dinner that doesn't require any effort on your part, but is still healthy, delicious and easy on your credit card!? Well, the newly opened Shouk, which means market, on 5th and K is exactly what you are looking for. I was invited to check out Shouk for lunch and after just one meal, know I'll be back.

First, I love the exposed brick wall in the restaurant and the fact that you can purchase some of the products used in their kitchen for your own kitchen.

Second, the menu takes up only one page, which is good for someone who is as indecisive as I am. There is no tofu, or fake meat: everything is plant-based and whatever your diet is friendly! What a cute slogan.

And, finally, the food. You can get a pita, a salad, a few snacks or a soup. I learned that each dish is named after its main ingredient {think cauliflower, mushroom, black bean, etc}.

This time around I tried Black Bean pita that included sweet potato, red pepper, tomato, arugula and spicy harissa. The harissa gave this dish quite a kick! I loved that the pita was fluffy and warm. In case you aren't able to finish the entire pita, they have awesome to-go containers specifically designed for the pita: make sure to ask for one!

I also tried Beet Salad with sweet potato, arugula, cashews, cashew labneh and pomegranate vinaigrette. I think from now on I'll want cashew labneh and pomegranate vinaigrette on everything. If you love roasted beets as much as I do, you will love this salad. If you want to recreate this dish at home, may I suggest adding an avocado?

I also tried one of Shouk's made to order market sodas which was sweet. spicy and refreshing. They actually make a syrup from spices and fruit! The rosemary lemonade was a bit too much for me, so I was happy the staff was willing to give me a little sample before I bought the entire glass of it.

The food is inventive, non-fussy, and something you could make at home: check out the menu for inspiration for your own cooking adventures!

This is a great place for a quick bite to eat if you are going to an event at 6th & I Synagogue or catching a movie.

I am looking forward to coming back and trying polenta fries with tomato tahina as well as cauliflower pita with tomatoes, scallions, tahina and jalapeno oil.

Disclosure: I was treated to lunch, but all opinions are my own. I'm not being compensated for this post.