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Ultimate Meatless Monday: Vegan Food At Vinyl In Reykjavik

For the last 8 days, I've vacationed in Iceland with my sister Anna and our friend Jenny.

There were no museums or salsa dancing or farmer's markets (my usual vacation musts). Instead, there was a failed attempt at snorkeling (me!), glacier hike with a hot instructor/ guide Thor, boat ride in the glacier lagoon, amazing scenery, sing alongs and so much food!

We saw and ate sheep/ lamb. We didn't see, but did eat puffin. There was also arctic char, smoked salmon, beef, potatoes, and bread with butter.

Right now I'm sitting at Vinyl which is next to our airbnb and writing a quck post after enjoying a vegan meal and before heading out to the airport to fly back to DC.

YES, you read that right: vegan!

I had a sandwich with flaxseed spread, eggplant, roasted peppers, and "cheese." I'm not planning on becoming a vegan, but this was a lovely change from the meat heavy meals I've had in the last 8 days.

Plus, the restaurant has great decor and plays records! Make sure to check out my instagram feed to see all the photos from my trip to Iceland.

Till the next adventure!