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Perfect Way To Eat A Mango: Mango Rosette

Look up! What's the first name of my blog? MANGO! I love mangoes and eat them often.

Sometimes I peel a mango and eat the flesh as an apple. Sometimes I treat it like an avocado and make cross marks on the inside of cut off halves and then scoop out the flesh using a large spoon.

Last week, however, I came up with the fanciest best way to eat a mango: Mango Rosette!

You've seen the fancy pictures of avocado rosettes all over internet and instagram, but have you seen one made out of a mango? You probably haven't unless you follow me on instagram.

I've failed to make perfect avocado rosettes, but this mango one was pretty easy. I think the key is to have a perfectly ripe mango that's not too soft.

Mango Rosette
1) peel mango
2) using a sharp knife, cut off two "cheeks"
3) slice each "cheek" thinly across {not the long way}
4) carefully shape each one of the cut up cheeks into a long overlapping row and then curl one around the other on a cutting board
5) super carefully slide your creation onto a plate

That's all! I think writing the directions was harder than actually making this rosette. I wish I had someone at home who could videotape it while I was making this up. Oh well.

Try it out!