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Real Simple Meatless Monday: Green Curry Butternut Squash Soup With Tofu Croutons

If you have half an hour, you can have a vegan Meatless Monday lunch or dinner: Green Curry Butternut Squash Soup With Tofu Croutons.

I think we are all turning to comfort food these days to temporarily get away from the reality and to sooth ourselves. Comfort food doesn't have to be bad for you: you can have a steaming bowl of vegan soup that tastes smooth, creamy, rich and decadent without piling on pounds.

Over the weekend I finally made Real Simple's Red Curry Squash Soup With Tofu Croutons that I've been meaning to make for weeks.

The soup starts with butternut squash, which I already had on hand. I also happened to have firm tofu and limes. Quick trip to the store to pick up red curry paste turned out slightly problematic: my store did not have red curry paste. They only had green curry. Fine, I thought. Luckily, the taste of the soup was still great, and the color did not turn green ;)

Butternut squash chunks get cooked in vegetable stock and curry paste until tender, then get pureed with coconut milk.

There are two toppings for this soup: one is fresh raw bok choy mixed with fresh lime juice and sliced chile. The other is tofu croutons. If you are making the soup to have as leftovers, only make the amount of toppings you'll be able to eat immediately.

I had a tiny bit of coconut milk left in the measuring cup, so decided to drizzle it on top of the soup, which you can see in the first photo.

Because of the complexity of flavors in the curry paste, you really don't need any other spices.  A bit of salt and the acid from the lime juice bring out the natural sweetness of the butternut squash, and the added heat from the chile lingers a while.

I was really happy with this recipe, and actually had leftovers (just the soup part) for breakfast today.