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Simplest Frozen Treat: Frozen Mexican Chocolate Vanilla Yogurt

Last month I received samples of the latest flavors from Noosa Yoghurt. Mexican Chocolate. Vanilla. Pumpkin. I immediately brought pumpkin containers to work because I only like anything pumpkin related in a savory application. I then tried and fell in love with the slightly spicy Mexican Chocolate flavor and  vanilla bean speckled Vanilla flavor. I decided not to be greedy and shared a few of those flavors with my friend Anna and her family.

Let's be honest: this is not your I'm being healthy so I'm eating yogurt type of yoghurts. I treat these decadent Noosa creations as dessert. Because of this, I wasn't able to eat all of the mini containers before their expiration date. That's when I decided to turn the last three containers into frozen yogurt! This was the first time in two years that I used my ice cream machine!

I simply took two Vanilla containers and combined them with one Mexican Chocolate container in my ice cream maker. I then put the mixture into the freezer. It froze. Hard! I had to scrape the yogurt into my ice cream scoop, so the texture wasn't perfect, but the taste was incredibly rich. 

I think next time I'll simply make soft served frozen there such a thing?

Disclosure: Noosa sent me samples of their product but I received no monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.