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Mango & Blueberries Napoleon

Stacked puffed pastry with buttercream, mango, and blueberries

Last week was my friend Sindy's birthday and I made her Mango & Blueberries Napoleon cake. One for her, one for her boyfriend, and one for me (because I had to try it before gifting the cakes to Sindy).

Even though these Napoleons look gorgeous and fancy, they were quite simple to make. The hardest part, in fact, was the buttercream recipe. Find the recipe that's not too complicated, and you'll be all set. Then tell me about it ;)

I baked the store bought puffed pastry cut into pieces and then cut each piece lengthwise after it cooled. Then, I layered each piece with buttercream, diced mango, and fresh blueberries, finishing the top layer with a pretty mango rose and a dusting of confectionery sugar. All done!

Napoleon with mango and blueberries plated and dusted with sugar