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Birthday Dessert: No Bake Mango Cheesecake

This year for my birthday I decided to make a dessert with mangoes (shocking) and  pistachios (double shocking)!

Lucky for me, I found a great looking (and easy to make) dessert on Every Little Crumb blog. 

I followed the recipe pretty closely, but did not (again, shockingly!) add cinnamon.

What's not to like about graham cracker crust topped with a mixture of cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, a splash of vanilla, and pureed mangoes? 

I do wish I used fresh mangoes instead of frozen ones to make the puree.

I made the desserts in individual little jars for better portion control and to share with friends.

For the topping I made candied pistachios with cayenne! SPICY.

The texture of these cheesecakes is quite a bit lighter than the regular baked cheesecake: I loved that!