Freelancing & Teaching

Mango & Tomato is my creative outlet. I start by developing recipes, then prepare the food and photograph the final dishes: after all, you eat with your eyes first. I also teach knife skills classes and do freelance recipe testing and photography for others. 

Knife Skills Classes
I teach how to properly chop onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, herbs, peppers and how to segment oranges. Of course if you have anything else you would like to learn, that could be arranged. The classes are $50/person + the cost of groceries.

Olga got me comfortable using my new 10 inch chef's knife and it's made a world of difference in my kitchen. Now I can cut vegetables evenly and with confidence!
- Tammy Gordon of
I found the knife skills class very helpful. The techniques Olga taught have helped me to work more quickly and efficiently. Before I took the class, I did not realize how much I was missing out on. Learning and seeing how important it is to keep my knives sharp, and the different techniques for cutting all sort of fruits and vegetables has been very helpful.
-Melissa of Schweet 'N Savory
Olga's knife skills class was fantastic. She is a great teacher and made the class that she taught for several friends and me engaging, instructive, and also fun. She covered a range of different fruits and vegetables that changed the way I think about stir fries, veggie platters, and fruit salads. I'd definitely recommend the class for anyone who wants to get more comfortable in the kitchen!

I learned all the basics I needed to know to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Since taking Olga's class I can honestly say I approach cooking in a totally different way. I am so much more efficient in the kitchen - which makes cooking even more pleasurable!
 - Alejandra of One Bite At A Time
The class that Olga taught us in April '10 was so much fun! Not only did she dispel many kitchen myths (hint: not everyone on tv shows uses their knife correctly), but she also helped to empower us in the kitchen. We were able to pick whatever things we could think of that would need cutting, slicing, or dicing, and Olga was able to meet our needs. We learned how to simply slice carrots, dice and chop onions, and mince garlic, as well as chiffonade every herb you could think of and segment fresh fruit. Now we're not afraid or intimidated in the kitchen and our prep-time has been cut as well now that we can wield our tools with confidence. A bonus benefit of this class is that we were also able to find a new friend in Olga. 
- Nicole of & Stephanie