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Olga Berman wearing glasses and leather feather earrings.
In the fall of 2019 I started making leather earrings. Since then, I've made over 100 pairs for friends and clients (and myself) as well as donated a few pairs, and have absolutely LOVED this journey. Prices range from $30 to $55 with free shipping and handling in the USA.

To order, please contact me at to chat about customization or if you'd like me to order a different specific color. My current inventory includes genuine Italian leather in the following colors: yellow, deep pink, purple, light blue, forest green, black, beige, and turquoise. I also have metallic Italian leather in silver, rose gold, gold, and bronze.

Everything that touches your ears is genuine sterling silver. The connecting rings in some of the designs are stainless steel.

Ginkgo Olivia
Luna Elise


earrings, leather, metallic leather, jewelry, feathers, sterling silver


Leather gingkgo leaf earrings in metallic silver, green, and pink

These are fast becoming a favorite not just for me, but for you all! I've always loved the shape of ginkgo or gingko leaves, and finally decided to create them in leather by tracing an illustration from a book.

These are 2 inches at the widest point and 2 1/4 inches top to bottom. I own all 3 in the photo plus a pair in sunflower yellow. 

Why Olivia? That's the name of the first customer to have purchased them.


Woman in glasses and bright pink leather earrings

Meet my librarian Megan whose middle name is Elise and for whom these are named. How fun is the shape? You can choose to have them made in one color, or a rainbow of colors! 2 1/2 inches in length.

STEF ($45)

Tri Metallic Leather Dangling Earrings

Stef are named after my friend Stef who received these for her birthday. Why choose one color of metallic leather when you can choose 3? Of course these can be made in any color combination. The movement on these earrings is awesome! If you are a redhead, these are definitely something you should have. 

LEAVES ($40)

Metallic leather earrings in gold, silver, and rose gold colors in the shape of leaves.

These Leaves are my currently favorite earrings to make. Somewhat inspired by Feathers, they are smaller in size, perfectly symmetrical, and feature etched lines that resemble veins on a leaf. Pictured in gold, silver, and rose metallic leather these will add a bit of sparkle to any day of the week! 

Slightly over 2 inches in length and 3/4 inches at the widest point. 


Metallic silver and blue leather earrings with sterling silver wires.

Designed with Allison for her mom, The Waves are a combination of Leaves and Aparna. Originally, these were going to have 2 layers, but after trying out that design, I decided 3 layers looked better. Allison chose for me not to etch the top layer of the earrings, but that's something that's completely doable. 

These turned out so well, 2 more people purchased them after I posted the photos on instagram and Facebook.

Not counting the sterling silver wire, the earrings are 1 3/4 inches in length and 3/4 inches at the widest point. 
PACHI ($35)

Metallic leather earrings on sterling silver wire.

A woman in sunglasses and leather earrings with a brick wall background

Meet Pachi! I designed these earrings for my friend Patricia whose parents call her Pachi. We met while in Portugal on a day trip to the wine country and have remained friends. These earrings are smaller in size than my usual designs, but have quite a bit of presence because of the metallic leather that I've etched. I like how architectural they look: others have mentioned they look like shells.

Not counting the sterling wire, these are 1 1/4 inches in length and 3/4 inches at the widest point. 


Green genuine leather and sterling silver half circle earrings

These were originally designed and made for my friend Jenny, whose full name is Genevieve! These fun semi circles are made from a 2" diameter hammered out leather. They are flirty and substantial without weighing you down. The sterling silver bar in the top adds a bit of sparkle and shines. The ones pictured are mine. Jenny's are yellow.

SARA ($45)

earrings, leather, jewelry, accessories, sterling silver

earrings, jewelry, leather, sterling silver, hand made, accessories, dyi, gift

These were designed by my friend Sara (she's in the photo above) and have great movement, but weigh almost nothing. Mix and match the colors of leather to suit your taste. I made them for myself in metallic silver and gun metal leather.

Slightly under 1.5" in width, 2 3/4" from the top of the French wire to the bottom of the earring. 

These are also available as Megan: 3/4" in diameter if you prefer smaller earrings. 

Handmade sterling silver and leather dangling geometric earrings in two different sizes


earrings, leather, sterling silver, hand crafted, jewelry, accessories

This is the most ordered pair of earrings for good reasons. It's really pretty, playful, and has great movement. I've made these earrings for myself too! Model: my friend Jazmin.

3 1/2" in length including the French ear wire, 1 1/4" at the widest point.

earrings, leather, metallic, sterling silver, silver, accessories, holiday gift, gift, hand crafted

CARRIE ($45) & JILL ($35)

Purple leather handmade earrings in a tear shape and blue leather dangling double tear shaped earrings named after Kamala Harris and Jill Biden

UPDATE The earrings on the left are now called Carrie after my friend Carrie who bought them. I hope Kamala doesn't mind!

I made these earrings several weeks before the 2021 Inauguration, and knew that I'd have to call them Kamala and Jill because the colors perfectly matched the coats Kamala Harris and Jill Biden were wearing! Can you imagine if these could somehow make their way into the White House!?

The Kamala is a take on my Feather earrings, but I used a tear shaped metal form to hammer out the outline. The Jill use smaller tear shaped forms and are connected by stainless steel rings. Kamala is 3 inches in length and 1.25 inches wide at its widest point, while Jill is 2 3/4 inches in length and 3/4 inches in width. Of course either of the styles can be made in different colors. 

TRIA ($40)

Genuine leather and sterling silver handmade earrings with one grey triangle and one yellow triangle

I was playing around with my new tools and was inspired by the 2021 Pantone colors, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, to design this pair of earrings only to have Marnely and Anna say they wanted to buy them! Anna is my twin and Marnely is our friend who wants to be our triplet who we hope to one day meet in real life. Anna came up with the stellar name Tria which fits the earrings perfectly: modern, triangular in shape, and reflecting the three of us.

As always, these can be made in different colors. 2 3/4 inches in length, 1 inch in the widest part. 

ARIA ($45)

Geometric leather and sterling silver dangling earrings in metallic colors

Anna designed the earrings below and named them Aria. Yes, that's her in the photo!! The ones I'll be making for orders, however, pictured above, don't have the bottom circle cut into half because that's what I like better, but please let me know if you have strong feelings about it one way or the other. 2 3/4 inches in length and slightly under 1 1/2 inches in width.

Woman wearing geometric dangling metallic leather and sterling silver earrings and pearls.

CAROLINA ($50) AND ORA ($45)

Leather handcrafted earrings in rose metallic color.

Here's another pair of earrings that came out of experimentation and found its home and its name on instagram! I made the pair on the left and put it on instagram and Carolina liked and purchased them. The rest, is history.

Carolina measure 3.5 inches in length and 2 inches wide. I've worn them around the house, and they are light as a feather, but make me feel glamorous and pulled together. The smaller size (on the right) are named Ora after my friend Olga who wanted me to do a custom design. 

Here's Carmita in Carolina earrings with mixed leather: metallic pink and deep pink.

earrings, leather, sterling silver, accessories, handmade, pink, metallic, rose

LILY ($55)

Metallic silver and gold tone earrings featuring a leaf shape overlapping a doughnut shape.

Lily designed these earrings, and thus they are named after her! This was the first time someone offered a gift card to my services as a birthday present: what fun!! A combination of Carolina and Leaves earrings, these work best in metallic colors.

2" in diameter, 2 3/4" in length.

3 MOONS ($40)

earrings, jewelry, accessories, leather, metallic, sterling silver, diy, gifts

earrings, accessories, leather, sterling silver, diy, arts and crafts, half moons, jewelry

These are 2 1/4" in length including French ear wire, 1 1/4" at the widest point.
Model: my friend Lara

LAUREN ($35)

Sterling silver and leather handmade dangling earrings of 3 connected diamond shapes

These I designed while playing around with my new supplies and named after a friend's friend for whom these were purchased as a gift. 1 3/4 inches in length and 3/4 inches in width.

LUCY ($35)

Earrings, Flowers, Accessories, Leather, Sterling silver, gifts, teen gifts, tween gifts, dainty

is my first pair of earrings using flower shapes! If you know me, you know I love flowers. Instead of arranging them in a bouquet this time, however, I made a dainty, flirty, and fun pair of earrings. This pair is named Lucy after a friend's niece who is getting them for Christmas (shhh!!!). 

Perfect for tweens or teens, these are pictured in metallic leather, but can be made in regular leather. Of course if you are looking for a pair of earrings that's just slightly wider than 3/4" and slightly over 2 1/2" in length, you don't have to be a teen to order one! Pictured, Tania.


earrings, leather earrings, accessories, dangles, dew drop earrings

Slightly over 2 inches in length, these are feminine, flirty, and darling! 

APARNA ($35)

earrings, leather, accessories, hand crafted, sterling silver, stainless steel, gifts, pink, yellow, purple, leather

I made these earrings just for fun to try out the new metal shapes I bought for cutting out the leather. I thought the bright colors were cheerful and fun, but no one expressed interest in them until Aparna decided they were perfect for her, and then 3 more orders were placed from a few other friends. Of course I had to name these Aparna!

You can choose any color combination. You can also choose for the "petals" to zig zag as pictured in the photo above, or to perfectly overlay. The earrings are perfect mirror images of each other: there's a left and a right. They are about 1 3/4 inches in length. 

PAIGE ($35)

earrings, circle earrings, yellow, leather, accessories

These are inspired by my friend Paige and will brighten up anyone's day. Don't they look like a smile? 1.5" in diameter and great for any face shape.

TIES ($40)

earrings, ties, sterling silver, leather, accessories, pink, gift, dyi, hand crafted

earrings, ties, leather, sterling silver, hand crafted, accessories, diy, ootd

These were one of my first designs and are still quite popular. The shape of the earrings is very flattering, especially if you like me have a round face!

3 3/4" in length including the French ear wire, 1 1/4" at the widest point.

Model: my friend Laura.

GEMINI ($30)

earrings, leather, sterling silver, silver, gifts, accessories, gifts, small business, green

Gemini are named so by my dad because they look like a constellation and because I'm a twin! These fun earrings are 1 inch in a diameter, but can be made smaller or larger. The most important feature in this pair is that you'll have a left earring and a right one! It's the small details like this one that matter. I recommend wearing them with the cut outs facing away from your face, but you can wear them as you wish. 


earrings, accessories, leather, sterling silver, diy, gifts, Christmas, metallic, shine, silver

These remind me of Christmas ornaments, thus the name.

The hanging part is 1 1/2" in length and slightly over 3/4" at the widest point.


earrings, leather, jewelry, accessories, sterling silver

Please reach out at if you are interested in ordering one of the pairs for yourself or as a gift, or if you'd like to create your own design!


I've enjoyed wearing the red Feathers for the last year. They strike a balance between offering a nice pop of color, and yet being neutral enough to go with any outfit. I look forward to wearing them for many years to come. ~ Anna, @snackingkitchen

These earrings are a fun way to spice up everyday looks! I have both the pink feathers and the green 3 moons, and I find myself reaching for them often. They are lightweight and easy to wear, but make a fun statement with almost any outfit. They are great for gifts too! I told Olga the favorite colors of the gift recipients, and she was able to find the perfect leather for the earrings. ~ Lara @goodcookdoris

Loving how light they are as well as the whimsical design!!! ~ Tania

I bought a pair of earrings for my wife and she loves them! So do I, because they really pop on her and add some fun flair. ~ Nevin