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Hank's Oyster Bar: Mediocricy

Today is Anna's last day in DC. And then I go back to having my apartment all to myself...anyways. When we were in Dupont Circle last Monday she mentioned wanting to try out Hank's Oyster Bar. I had brunch at Hank's 3 years ago and had good memories of the food, and was happy to give it another try.

Today Anna and I met up with Wendy and Ashley for brunch. The place was surprisingly empty. While we looked at our menus, our host brought us a plate of Gold Fish: freaking cute! Wendy and I decided to get mimosas, Anna ordered a Bloody Mary, and Ashley had a Diet Coke. (I apologize for the quality of the pictures: the lighting wasn't coordinating and I could not take multiple pictures because my camera's battery was dying.)

We sat and chatted and wondered how long it will be till our food arrived. Just then we received a basket of sourdough bread with butter (perfectly soft!) and jam. Back to chatting...

And then the food came.

I ordered a Crabcake sandwich with remoulade. The crabcake was great! I was disappointed that my order did not come with a side of fries; instead I had a watercress and tomato salad. Luckily, both Anna and Ashley were happy to share their fries.

Wendy ordered a Sourdough French Toast. It came with a super sweet caramel sauce.

Anna had Crabcake Eggs Benedict. The crabcake was good, the fries were good and the egg was runny: perfect.

Ashley ordered Hank’s Burger well done: it came medium well, with a little piece of lettuce. And no ketchup. None were even offered. When Anna asked for some ketchup, the waitress seemed rather pissed off. Oh, and how many times was Ashley asked if she wanted a refill for her Diet Coke? Zero.

At the end of the meal, our host was very prompt at wanting to take our plates away, even though I was still eating! Yes, I'm a slow eater, but it's not like they had people waiting. This always upsets me.

The check came with a bowl of dark chocolate chunks. The chocolate was good.


BlueToYou said...

i love restaurants that give you free stuff like that!! know an easy recipe for roumelade? always wanted to make it...

Anonymous said...

I love Hanks, so I'm sorry to hear you had a mediocre experience. Was it just bad service?

Olga said...

Yep, pretty much it was the service that was mediocre. The food was pretty good.

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

runny yolk and French fries - MMM!

Anonymous said...

hate it when the restaurant does not stay consistent. you have to wonder if she is overextending herself and her talents by opening up a second hank's and now a gastropub.