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Mexican Purple Garlic

Anna called me at work saying that I was almost out of garlic. You know how some people always have milk and bread on hand? I always have garlic. I was already going to the store on the way from work, and added garlic to the list.

Do I ever give garlic a second thought? Not really. I just know that I like how it tastes roasted, or minced finely and added to a salad dressing, or how it plays well with Indian flavors.

When I came to the place in my grocery store that has boxes of garlic, I saw something new to me: Mexican Purple Garlic. The price on it was exactly the same ($0.59/head of garlic) as for the white garlic, so I decided to give it a try.

The purple color is absolutely beautiful, but I was disappointed to find out that the taste was pretty much identical to the regular garlic. Hmmm....maybe there is a lesson in this somewhere?

I tried to do some research on this new-to-me produce, but the only thing I found was this from the Cook's Thesaurus:

Types of garlic include the mild green garlic, the purple-skinned Italian garlic and Mexican garlic, and the common white-skinned garlic = California garlic, which is the most pungent of all.


BlueToYou said...

you know i've seen this stuff too and always wondered about it. thanks for saving me the trouble of trying!!!