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One more dish from last night...

...I was exhausted. Rice soup. Rice salad. Then Anna told me that you can watch Project Runway on YouTube, so I sat on the floor and quickly watched the first two episodes of the new season.

And then I started testing Robyn Webb's 3rd recipe: wholewheat bread stuffing with dried fruit. The dish turned out well, but it was too late to take any decent pictures.

Here's the recap: soak dried cherries, apricots, raisins and pitted prunes in hot water. Meanwhile, saute onions and celery. Combine the fruit (drained!) with onions and celery and cubed wholewheat bread. Add toasted walnuts. Pour hot broth over the mixture and mix in two beaten eggs. Into the Pyrex dish everything goes, first baked covered, then uncovered.

The flavors were great (I'm actually having it for breakfast) and the aroma was wonderful! Again, great for Thanksgiving.

3 more recipes to go!