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Let's Bake Some Bread

I love carbs.
I love bread.
I've never, however, baked bread.
Tonight I tested the last (of 6 recipes) for Robyn Webb: bread! Flour, corn meal, yeast, water, sugar, molasses, and salt. Think that's about it! There was 15 min of kneeding involved, a lot of waiting, but the result was very much worth it. If I say so myself, I'm quite proud :)

every fresh piece of bread requires a bit of butter, or in this case Light Promise Active


Robin said...

Would it be possible to get the recipe for the bread in your post. I don't bake break either, but this looks sooooo good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please pass on the recipe; it looks so good. I'm totally intimidated by the process of making bread.

Olga said...

Hi, Everyone.
I cannot post the exact recipe, but it's similar to this one:

Give it a try!