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Triple G Chicken Tortilla Wraps

Today I had another dentist appointment, then I went grocery shopping to buy ingredients to make bread, so dinner had to be quick. That's how Triple G Chicken Tortilla Wraps came about. By the way, G stands for green.

Ingredients and directions: combine white chicken meat**, torn spinach leaves, minced parsley, cubed pickles, mayo, horseradish, red onion, and salt & pepper. Wrap the mixture into warmed-up tortillas. Done!

** I used canned chicken (Thanks, Aafreen), but feel free to use leftover chicken, rotisserie chicken, or even canned tuna~

P.S. I'm labeling this as salad and sandwich because you can eat it either way.


Jescel said...

this goods really good and healthy... yum!

Olga said...

Thank you, Jescel.
Yes, very healthy, other than mayo :)

BlueToYou said...

that does look very good and easy!!! i'm gonna try that. what kind of pickles do you use? also maybe could be good with just a sprinkle of cayenne pepper instead of the horesradish.

test it comm said...

Those look good! I like all of the green in them.