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Farmers' Markets in Montreal

What's better than buying produce at a farmer's market? While in Montreal we went to Atwater Market: and what a treat! The colors, the smells, the flowers: nearly overwhelming. It was just too sad that we did not have a kitchen to cook. I did buy a basket of orange cherry tomatoes though, which we consumed in about 15 minutes. Anna bought a bag of cherries, and Erica bought a melon, which at the end she decided was too heavy to carry, so she left it behind.

Monday I also stopped by a little market next to the Mount-Royal Metro stop. Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Montreal is such a fabulous "food city"!
Great restaurants, fantastic farmers markets and amazing kitchen shops!

Pity about the snow...


Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to food shop here!


a quiet life said...

fabulous pics, i adore color~