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Eating in Montreal

This past Labor Day weekend, Anna, her friend Erica, and I met up in Montreal (first time in the city for all of us). You can read about our touristy adventures here, but for now here are a few pictures of the food we shared while in Montreal (and there was a lot of food!!!).

Anna's friend Cheryl told us to eat as much of pain au chocolate as possible. The first thing I did after checking into the hotel was visiting a nearby bakery and buying a pain au chocolate (croissant like pastry with chocolate inside!).
When Anna and Erica drove to Montreal from Hyde Park (where they attend the Culinary Institute of Art), the first thing we did was go out for lunch in China Town. Here's my pho: the meat was superbly tender, and the broth was very well flavored. But I left most of the noodles behind.
At the Jardin Botanique (Botanical Garden), we all decided to have a mini snack. I did not realized mine will be $8 (Canadian!). Turns out the can of Iced Tea was nearly $5!!! Was it worth it? Not necessarily, but it was a one time thing :)
Breakfast at the Atwater Farmers' Market. Oh so very good! (Before breakfast I bought a big basket of orange cherry tomatoes!)
Dinner Sunday night: Erica and Anna wanted steak, so we ended up at The Keg in Old Montreal. How so very American :) Great steaks, great mojitos, and awesome company. Oh, and they also had unlimited refills of Diet Pepsi.
Last breakfast with Anna and Erica before they abandoned me to drive back to school.
The best part of breakfast were the baguettes!!!
Monday night I did not feel like eating dinner out on my own...there were just too many couples and groups of friends and I wasn't in the mood for it. So I went to an Indian restaurant, took food to go and ate at my hotel while watching TLC and HGTV and then went dancing :)
My last morning in Montreal (Tuesday) was a wild goose chase for the best bagels. I was told that the best bagels would be found at the Fairmount Bagel shop...and they were (once I found them)! This was a tiny hole in the wall, where they make bagels by hand and the smell is amazing and the taste is even better. I had a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese and lox. Mission accomplished.
And then it was time to head back to the hotel, catch a plane, and get back to the regular things in DC.


Simply Marilla said...

Everything looks so good, I may need to go to Montreal just for the bagel and lox! Oh yeah, and the Farmers Market.

Liliana said...

I so happy you enjoyed your visit to Montreal. The Atwater market is a great market, but I usually go to the Jean Talon Market in Little Italy!

The bagels and lox are the best!

Anonymous said...



S Lloyd said...

This is a smart report about eating in Mtl. Great report!