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Korean food with Jenn

My flight from Montreal yesterday was cancelled. Just like that. No announcements, nothing. I freaked. I often do.

After checking things out, I learned I was put on another flight to Dulles airport instead of Reagan. I did not want to fly to Dulles: it's far away from my apartment, a pain to get to Arlington, and that is exactly why I bought my tickets to Reagan. Okay, long and aggravating story short, I called up Jenn and asked her to pick me up in exchange for free dinner :) [Jenn said she'd be happy to pick me up even without getting a free dinner, but that's just ridiculous lol].

This was our second time at Han Sung Oak Restaurant, and once again, it was so good.

I had a dish of grilled beef mixed in with vegetables, an egg and rice. It was cold, which was refreshing in this hot weather, and just hit the spot.

The appetizer of fried pork (?) dumplings arrived at the same time as my entree and was accompanied by at least 7 mini dishes: pickled vegetables, special mashed potatoes (with mayo: loved them!), kimchi, etc, etc, etc.

This was such a relaxing thing to do after a less than pleasant airport mixup. All is well when you have good friends and good food.


Emily said...

Looks delicious! St. Louis only has 2 or 3 Korean restaurants in the entire metropolitan area, so I miss places like this.

BlueToYou said...

that looks like an awesome feast. i've never really had korean food, should try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all is well with good friends and good food. ;-)


Unknown said...

Yum! Any time you want Korean, you know who to call! :)