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Dessert at Buzz with Anna and Wendy

After an awesome lunch at Yamazata with Anna and her friend Wendy, we wanted dessert. I remembered hearing about a relatively new bakery called Buzz and suggested we try it out. Luckily Wendy had her handy iphone and was able to find the address.

Buzz is absolutely adorable. This is definitely not your cookie-cutter Starbucks. The atmosphere inside was happy and the style was eclectic.

From the exposed pipes right below the ceiling, to the baking tools decorating the walls, you could tell this was one-of-the-kind bakeries. And, of course, there was the dessert selection: where does one even start?

I ended up choosing a turtle cheesecake and was not disappointed: the cheesecake was smooth and rich, topped with whipped cream, walnuts and chocolate sauce: delicious!

Anna chose the Buzz cupcake: it was pretty good, but definitely not mind blowing.

Wendy went for the chocolate bread pudding: the texture reminded me of flourless chocolate cake, but it was definitely not as reach.

At the end, I think I chose the best dessert :) Oh, and they also have free WiFi: what else can you ask for?

Next time you are around Potomac Yards neighborhood in Alexandria, definitely check out Buzz: you'll be buzzing about it to all of your friends.

P.S. next door to Buzz there is a Russian food store: we spent $30 on jarred and canned goods that brought memories from our childhood: marinated tomatoes, chocolate candy, Israeli mini croutons (ok, that brought memories from my visit to Israel), sunflower oil, marinated pattypan squash, and sour cherries.

Honestly, who needs to work? I could easily and happily spend every day having lunch with friends and doing some shopping...if only...


Unknown said...

I have to say, I was disappointed by the food and the drink :( The cupcake was rather uninspiring (at best) and the cafe-au-lait was watery, and very blend. The decor and the atmosphere of Buzz almost made up for the lackluster food. I'm sad to say, my sweeth tooth has not been satisfied.

Anonymous said...

wow, all those treats look so yummy! my sweet tooth is my weakness.