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Sushi at Yamazato with Anna and Wendy

A while ago I wrote about really good sushi at Yamazato, a sushi place my friend Jenn introduced to me. Today I was supposed to meet up for lunch with Anna and her friend Wendy (who is finishing up her studies at the CIA, but is in VA for a few days). The plan was to meet at Gallery Place because it is close enough to my work, but the plans have changed.

I guess I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, and coming home after midnight Monday night (dancing) did not help. After snoozing three times, I turned off my alarm clock and went back to sleep, only to wake up at 10 am. Right. So no work.

Anna called Wendy, and we decided to go have sushi at Yamazato instead. Sorry Jenn...we'll go there with you another time :)

We started with vegetable and shrimp tempura and tom ka soup. The soup was great: spicy, creamy (due to coconut milk) and flavorful. The tempura was pretty good, but needed something other than soy sauce.

It took us a while to choose sushi, so Anna and I ordered Diet Cokes, and Wendy ordered coffee. Turns out, they serve instant coffee! Can you believe it? We were shocked, and Wendy sent her cup back...outrageous.

We then ordered 3 rolls and 2 pieces of flying row. One of the rolls was with eel: not my favorite, but I was a trooper :) The one I liked the best was spicy crunchy tuna (something else I learned from Jenn!). The last roll had avocado, tuna, and yellow tail topped with jalapeno.

The food was great as always, but the service was a bit off. Oh, and I completely forgot the name of a special roll that is not on the menu, but which Jenn always orders for us: it has spicy mayo, avocado, and something else...I'll have to get it next time.

And then it was time for dessert...


Unknown said...

Ahh, Yamazato. When they opened they had a chef direct from Tachibana (they have 3 locations in McLean, Tokyo, and New York and rotate the chefs through each one--by far the best sushi in the metro area).

He was fantastic, and Yamazato was in the top tier of DC places (almost on par with Tachibana, and every bit as good as Sushi Taro and Makato in the city).

They changed chefs a couple of years ago, so now I put it a cut below where it was but still very good--sort of on the same plane as Chopsticks and Kotobuki (Makato's less pricey sister restaurant) in DC.

Unknown said...

2 for 2 - this is my second visit to the restaurant, and once again, it was delicious! Can't wait to come back.