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Aroma: Indian Buffet with Jenn

This past Sunday, Jenn and I went to buffet brunch at Aroma in Shirlington. We both love Indian food (okay, we love pretty much any kind of food) and were excited to try this new-to-us restaurant.

The food was good, but I wasn't amazed...maybe I was too full from breakfast at Popeye!?

Overall, the service was good, the food was varied and fresh (even though we came towards the end of brunch), and the decor was pretty. I really liked the lighting fixtures and the bamboo ceiling (look at photos toward the end of this post).

I started with potatoes cooked in coconut milk, lamb meatballs and butter chicken. What impressed me the most, however, was the rice: I wish I could cook rice to such perfection. The second time around I chose a few vegetarian dishes and a bit more of the chicken. I'm embarrassed to say that I could not finish my second plate.

Overall, I think the company was more fun than the food. For dessert, we had mini cheesecakes at my place.


Dewi said...

I love Indian food, and thank by the way for teasing me with that delicious photos. Now I have to have Indian food. I might beg my husband to take me to Indian restaurant on the week end.

Deeba PAB said...

Glad you had fun Olga. Looks good to me.Rice is quite simple. We do it on the burner/gas. the porpotion we used is 1:2 ie rice: water. Put it in a pan, add a tsp of salt for each 250ml measure of rice, add double the water, cover with a tight lid, cook on simmer for 20 minutes,put of heat, leave shut & let the grains cook in their own steam thereafter. All rice is differenbt though, so check at around 20 minutes. we use basmati. The cooked grain should be reduced to a tiny granule when you crush it between your fingertips. Have fun!!

Unknown said...

Ummm...It all looks so good! Indian food is the best, it is so full of flavor. Actually I had some spicy curried rice for dinner.

Anonymous said...

This picture reminded me of this blog:

Joie de vivre said...

It looks like nice ambiance! I'm trying your mussel recipe this weekend!

BlueToYou said...

i've been there. the food's alright not fabulous. but i like the pictures!