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Salmon Tower Valentine's Day came and went...but who said you can't make a special breakfast any other day? Not me, for sure.

Here's what I made for breakfast this past Monday (had a day off!): Salmon Tower. Imagine how cute this would be for a tea party! Of course you don't have to use a heart cookie cutter: you can just cut the slices of bread into quarters: it's up to you.

2 slices of wholewheat bread
cream cheese
dill, chopped
sliced cherry tomatoes (or you can use the regular ones)
smoked salmon

1. Mix cream cheese with chopped dill.
2. Spread cream cheese mixture on the bread, top with salmon and tomatoes, repeat.
3. Time to eat!


Unknown said...

Oh my god!!! I swear, the first photo is like magazine-quality. So freaking adorable

Dewi said...

Very creative Olga! Looks utterly delicious. You see, you got a very very nice compliment from your sister.

redmenace said...

I love the salmon tower! It's like a dream come true!

Creative Classroom Core said...

What a perfectly beautiful Valentine's Day breakfast!

Anonymous said...

This little sandwich looks so delicious! my mouth is watering!! love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, this is so very pretty!


Anonymous said...

This would be a good brunch dish - so cute and yummy!

pigpigscorner said...

I would love to wake up to these! They are so cute!

Salt N Turmeric said...

I can smell the smoked salmon from here! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I love smoked salmon and your presentation is excellent!

I'm going to be linking to your recipe either next Friday or the week after as part of our regular Fish For Friday Recipe of the Week feature.

test it comm said...

What a nice way to enjoy smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill!

Marie said...

omg so cute! i love the hearts

BlueToYou said...

you really ought to have your own book. these photos and the idea is amazing....soo up my alley. you know much i love salmon and cream cheese!

foodbin said...

my fave type of sandwich-comes with heart shape too-thanks for a good post