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Happy Hour at Cafe Citron

This past Friday night I went to a happy hour at Cafe Citron with Laura, Wendy, and a few of Laura's friends.

I should have known I'd be in trouble as it was Friday the 13th! (yes, what can I say, I'm still a bit superstitious).

Before happy hour Laura bought Valentine's Day cards, which came with miniature tattoos: that provided quite a bit of entertainment while we waited for our drinks to arrive.

I think I had a total of 4 drinks: mango caprihnia, sangria, and sangria mixed with margarita. I should have ordered more food, because I honestly was scared I wasn't going to make it home in one piece. You know what they say about Russians and drinking? Well, I don't fit that stereotype whatsoever!

The food, by the way, was fantastic! I had fried plantains and ceviche: delicious.


Larissa said...

I LOVE plantains. And ceviche, for that matter. Yum!

veggie belly said...

Ive heard good things about cafe citron, but never been. That caipirinha alone would have gotten me into trouble!

Esi said...

These days four drinks is enough to knock me over. However, a fun night out is totally worth it!

BlueToYou said...

mmm plantains. that better have been sour cream with them! can't eat them any other way. glad you got home safely. :)