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Dinner at Urbana

This is quite overdue. But better late than never. I'm posting this using Blogger's "scheduling" function. I'm actually in Vegas turning 30 as you are reading this :)

A few Mondays ago I joined Annie, Amber and Colleen for dinner at Urbana. I've had drinks and pizza at Urbana with Jenn in the summer, but haven't been there for dinner before: I was excited!

Thankfully, the restaurant had a pre-fix menu, which alleviated the stress of having to choose from way too many tapas and main courses. I decided to be adventurous and try an appetizer and an entree that I've never had before.

First, we shared a complimentary basket of bread with butter: delicious! There were two types of bread, but at this point I don't remember any specifics ;)

This is a fancy shmancy cocktail Annie ordered!

My appetizer: Cassoulet with duck confit and garlic sausage. Loved the plate! Loved the presentation, and was surprised that I liked the duck. The sausage, though, was even better! Such a homey dish with such a fancy name ;)

For the entree I ordered Roasted Branzino with cauliflower , preserved lemons and capers. I had no clue what Branzino was until I asked the waiter. Turns out, it is very similar to seabass. The fish was really delicious, but I was disappointed by the cauliflower: it was hardly cooked. I'd much rather had mashed potatoes!

Here is a super cool cup and saucer Amber received when she ordered tea. Love the design of it!

And finally, dessert! Both Annie and I ordered Lemon Cheesecake with strawberry jam and mint creme fraiche. The cheesecake was light and lemony. But I wasn't a fan of the mint creme fraiche...I really only like my mint in mojitos :)

Overall, this was a great meal with fun girls. The restaurant was somewhat dark, so I'll blame the photo quality on that!


Anonymous said...

Great review! Would love to try the duck - it's one of my favorites.

avesta said...

Oh my...I want that creme brulee on the dessert menu! that sounds amazing! the whole menu actually sounds great! lucky you!!!

mydogischelsea said...

Um, yum!!! (despite uncooked cauliflower)

Happy birthday!!

veggie belly said...

you always find the best places to eat!

happy birthday! have fun in vegas! i turned 30 last week :)

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes! As I perused the menu, I was thinking, please get the cassoulet and the branzino! please get the cassoulet and the branzino! and you did! we seem to have similar tastes...actually, I just wanted you to get that because I've never tried them before. heh.
by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! what a great place to spend your b-day. have fun in vegas!

Christie @ Fig & Cherry said...

What a lovely meal! That cup and saucer is gorgeous.