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Blue Chips

I don't often write about different products, but sometimes I just have to share my finds with you.

Last week I was coming home from shopping and just wanted something quick and delicious for dinner. What to get?

I stopped at the store, bought a tuna steak, some hummus, salsa and these blue chips with flax seeds.

I simply seared the tuna on both sides so that it was still nice and pink on the inside. And then used the blue chips for my dips.

These chips are awesome! "Are" because I still have some left :) Yes, I'm quite impressed with myself for not eating all of them in one sitting.

Somehow they are not as hard as the other corn chips, and the flax seeds add a nice little touch. Please give these a try! (I'm not associated with the company, honest!).

These would be good with any kind of a dip: I'm thinking about the chicken dip my friend Jenny makes often...hmm, maybe this calls for some chicken dip?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a snack my significant others would like - will get it for them to try when we come back from vacation.

Unknown said...

She's back! :) The chips sound yummy, and what a pretty color!

Jen said...

mmm, chicken dip! I might have to make some myself :)

Simones Kitchen said...

Those look like very interesting tortilla chips, but once - I am sure - that I will not be able to find here! But hey, you never know!

Unknown said...

They really should call them purple chips. I had a different brand years ago and loved them!

Sara said...

The chips sound great.

I've tried a couple brands of either blue potato or corn chips and always loved how they looked on the table.