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What's Your Indulgence?

Last week I received a note from Anna and this wrapper of a Dove dark chocolate (unfortunately, the chocolate wasn't included). It was hilarious on so many levels.

dark chocolate, dove, dessert Then on Wednesday, while grocery shopping for testing Robyn's recipes, I noticed that cherries were on sale for $2.99: I just could not resist and bought 2 pounds. And I managed to eat most of them that same night. That was such a healthy and manageable indulgence.

cherries So the question for you, then, is what foods (let's keep it clean!) do you indulge in? Does this depend on your mood, what season it is, if you are eating on your own or with company, etc?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!


Simones Kitchen said...

Ooo, eh.. well.... hmmm, maybe I should say which foods do I not indulge in.. lol... No seriously; I can indulge quite guiltfree in deliciously ripe fruits (such as your cherries), on hot summerdays I love a good icecream and chocolate... well, who doesn't like chocolate right? I think it is safe to say that it all depends largely on my mood, the time of the month (...) and what the weather is like!

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

As you guess Olga desserts are for me my permanent craving and...chocolate!!

I'm a chocoholic with lot of exercise weekly to keep weight in the safe limit!

I wonder an ice cream with these cherries and chocolate must be decadent-deliciously good to enjoy the weekend, don't you?



♥peachkins♥ said...

Sweets and chips!!! what else??

Hugging the Coast said...

No matter what I'm cooking, invariably I end up grazing on fresh peanut butter by the spoonful while I'm waiting for the meal to be done.

Dewi said...

At the moment?
Berries and cherries ... lots of berries and cherries. Will enjoy this with my husband and my son (and his girlfriend if, she is visiting)

Shelby said...

My favorite "naughty" food to indulge in would be a fudgey brownie with nuts. Put a little vanilla bean ice cream and fudge sauce on top and I'm in heaven.

Since I'm not indulging in naughty foods right now, my healthy food this week has been fresh peaches and like you....cherries!

msdewberry said...

I feel the same way you do about cherries. They only come once a year fresh so you have to eat as many as you can in that short time so you won't miss them so much when they are gone.
Watermelon is another indulgence. I love a very cold slice of juicy watermelon on a hot hot day. Quenches your thirst like nothing else can!

Kana said...

Depends on my mood and it changes often - right now would be something fruity.

foodcreate said...

I love summer the best indulgence is fresh homemade icecream,Juicy watermelon, Delicious~~~

Thanks for sharing :)

And you can visit me if I can visit your~~~~


Leslie said...

I know I know.

caryn said...

fried brownies

Karen said...

chili cheese fries...bad, Karen, bad!

The Hungry Mouse said...

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! (Expected, I know, but it's true.)


BlueToYou said...

salsa! my always indulgence. also salmon cream cheese. i swear i could eat a tub of it if i didn't reign myself in.

pietra said...

Oregon berries, what else? Marion, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, goose and salmon berry. Oh I love me some berries.