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Brunch at Creme

A few weeks ago I met Chelsy, Sarah and Christina for brunch at Creme. These are my Avon girls: we met during training for the 2 day Avon Walk in May. Unfortunately, we haven't been too good at keeping in touch. I saw Chelsy and Sarah at my gallery exhibit and a few other random times, but haven't seen Christina since we crossed the finish line at the 2 day walk.

It was time to change all this! Miraculously, everyone was in town on the same Saturday, and was able to meet for brunch. The weather reminded us all of a training walk we had during a horrendous rain: how fitting.

Once we stepped into Creme, however, it all changed. We were hit with amazing smells of brunch food: waffles, fried chicken, and sausage. The place is a combination of industrial decor and warm touches; make sure to get there early: they don't take reservations and get packed!

Christina ordered English muffins with mushrooms and eggs, and both her and I had bottomless mimosas...enough said :)

Sarah had fried chicken and waffles. Compared to the fried chicken in Founding Farmers, this was AMAZING!

Both Chelsy and I went for Shrimp and Grits with sausage. The portions were big enough to share with another person, but somehow we managed to finish all the food on our own!

Great food, great company, on an otherwise crappy Saturday. Can't wait to see the girls again.


Unknown said...

Mmmm... that chicken and waffles looked to die for!

Lea Ann said...

The chicken and waffles looks amazing. I've never heard of that combo. Gotta find it. :-)

Sasha said...

Oh my God, this food all looks so good. Yum. : )

Mhel said...

My hubby & I have wanting to try this place because our friend had recommended it but everytime(weekends) we get there, there's always a line :( So we gave up...We'll try it again next time and I will definitely order Shrimp & Grits :D