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Brunch at Urbana with Avon Girls

Last year I signed up to do a 2 Day Avon Breast Cancer Walk. It was a decision that took years to make. Once I signed up and started to fundraise and train for the walk, I met three awesome girls: Sarah, Christina and Chelsy. I call them my Avon Girls. Together we trained in the sun, in the rain, and then with Christina's mom, Jamie, we walked 26.2 miles the first day and 13.1 miles the second day (the second day was entirely in the rain!).

After the 2 day walk, we vowed to meet up and walk on the weekends....right! That never happened. But we do try to get together for brunch once in a while. This past Saturday we met at Urbana (my choice) because they have bttomless belinis for $11!

Here's what happens: if the entire table orders bottomless belinis, you get your flutes and a bottle of Zardetto Prosecco (sparkling wine) for the table. You then go to a bar that has the following choices of juices and fruit purees: orange, pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit, mango, passion (they were out!), strawberry and peach.

Of course, I started with a peach belini! I promised myself to have a limit of 3, but that turned into 4: two mango, 1 grapefruit and 1 cranberry. Mango was my favorite.

Here's the set up of the juices and purees: how cute!? The photograph below is of gorgeous parrot tulips in Urbana: gorgeous!

Let's talk food! Both Sarah and I ordered a Spanish Omelette: chorizo, goat cheese, basil and roasted peppers that came with roasted potatoes and a side of arugula salad.

Initially I wasn't sure how chorizo would taste combined with goat cheese, as both ingredients have rather rich and strong flavors. Not to worry: the combination was sublime: I guess goat cheese could go with many things! Potatoes were roasted to perfection: tender inside and crisp on the outside. Arugula, however, had no dressing on it! I asked the waiter about it, and he claimed that it did in fact had a light coat of dressing. I did not want to argue with him, and just asked for an additional drizzle of that tarragon dressing, which made the salad quite a bit better.

Christina ordered a mushroom omelette, and Chelsy ordered Urbana Benedict: avocado, tomatoes and lemony hollandaise. This was actually my 2nd choice on the menu, and I was glad that Chelsy let me try it. Not many things can be better that a combination of creamy avocado, ripe tomato and a runny egg yolk.

And then we "had to" order dessert: Warm Chocolate Cake with candied orange and vanilla gelato. Armed with four little spoons, we devoured it!

I love getting together with my Avon Girls, catching up on each others' lives and tasting great food. Stay tuned to see where we go in May.


grace said...

helloooo, urbana benedict! it practically leapt off the screen and into my lap--what a gorgeous and undoubtedly delicious dish!

Juliana said...

Wow, what a nice brunch, everything looks delicious...great pictures as well :-)

♥peachkins♥ said...

lovin' those little juice bottles!

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
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Lele said...

Agh that bellini thing is the most genius thing I have ever heard of!

Am now trying to come up with reasons to go out to brunch! Is that too alcoholic for mother's day?

Quinn said...

GORGEOUS brunch! Bottomless bellinis? Sign me up.

College Term Papers said...

really gorgeous.... too good.

BlueToYou said...

mmm brunch! i miss those days :(