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Pulled Pork & Poached Egg Sandwich with Asparagus

One of my favorite things about weekends is that I can sleep in and make a real breakfast in the morning. This Sunday was just such a day. After an awesome night of dancing I woke up hungry and with a perfect idea of what to make.

I had leftover Italian bread from testing one of Robyn Webb's recipes, and a container of pulled pork that Kenny brought. Here's what I came up with:

Pulled Pork & Poached Egg Sandwich with Asparagus

Ingredients for 1 serving
2 slices of Italian bread, toasted
10 asparagus spears
2 eggs, poached
olive oil
salt & pepper
lemon juice

1. Heat olive oil in a shallow pan. Add asparagus, salt and pepper and a few drizzles of lemon juice. Saute until asparagus is tender and golden brown.
2. Top each slice of bread with pulled pork and a poached egg.
3. Add asparagus on the side.
4. Break the egg yolk and go to town!

Seriously, not only is this a pretty dish to serve for breakfast or brunch, but it takes minutes to put together, and yet is really satisfying and filling. No need to try and pick up the sandwich: eat it with a fork.

Did you make anything special for breakfast this weekend?


Evan Halperin said...


♥peachkins♥ said...

The poached egg is perfect! The meal makes your Sunday more lazy..

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The Peach Kitchen
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Boston bankruptcy attorney said...

Great seasonal dish. And wonderful poached egg sandwich.

Jenna said...

Mmmm, I love eggs on sandwiches. Actually, one of my favorite sandwiches ever is a fried egg sandwich on rye bread - the egg is creamy, the bread is a little sour - it's perfect.

This looks lovely - I'm so excited that asparagus is in season! And I love pulled pork any time of the year.

Lauren said...

this looks awesome! I'm starving now!

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Happy Monday Olga! A gorgeous and tasteful way to begin the week :)



Delicious Dishings said...

Oh my gosh... my favorite breakfast is poached eggs on hash and toast... pulled pork would be a fabulous variation.

Also, I love your new blog layout!

Esi said...

Next time you make this, please call me so I can come over and enjoy it with you. Thanks! :)

tigerfish said...

The poached egg looks perfectly done!

grace said...

i've long been a fan of pulled pork, but the idea of having it for breakfast has NEVER occurred to me! i had my first poached egg recently and i've decided it's my favorite way to prepare the suckers, so i'm pretty keen on this breakfast. well done, olga!

The Nervous Cook said...

Holy cow, look at that perfect egg. This is like the best eggs Bennie from an alternate universe!

krissy @ said...

this is absolutely making me hungry! i actually have all of the ingredients to whip this up for dinner. nice!

Leslie said...

Love the new blog look!

jaime said...


BlueToYou said...

you always do cool things with a poached egg. how come you think of that ingredient?

pookiepantry said...

I was looking for some creative uses for some pulled pork I made yesterday, and came across your blog. Looks like a delicious recipe, and I'm excited to try it tomorrow for breakfast. Cheers!