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What's new in Dupont Farmer's Market?

Let's not pretend: this is definitely a lazy post. I haven't had too much time or desire to cook lately, but don't feel like leaving you with nothing to read or look at ;) So I present you a few photos from Dupont Farmer's Market I snapped last Sunday while taking a cooking class from Chef Dan of 1789 Restaurant. (I won the class through a Twitter contest and will be blogging about it on Friday).

Tomatoes were everywhere! I especially liked this display of different colors and shapes:

Another commonly seen fruit (because tomatoes are technically fruit!): plums. I love the color contrast of the yellow/greenish plums and the blue containers.

And check out these sun-kissed apricots!

While at the market we saw a few people carrying strange looking greens, only to discover they were Sweet Potato Greens: have you ever heard of them? And if so, how did you use them?

I absolutely love watermelon, but have never seen yellow skinned ones (although I've tasted a yellow flesh watermelon):

And of course summer means summer squash:

Here is another thing I haven't seen before: mini cantaloupes *someone should spell-check their signs*

And one more photo before the end of this post: a gorgeous flower! Stay tuned for the next post in which I tell you which produce Chef Dan picked up and what we cooked!


fuat gencal said...

Hepsi birbirinden güzel. Paylaşım için teşekkürler.


Kathy said...

Love this post! Gorgeous photos. I really hope you will submit this to ~Kathy

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Thanks for sharing all that eye candy with us! Fun trip to the farmer's market and very inspirational.