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Fojol Bros: eating food from a truck

What's the latest food craze? If you ask me, I think it's food trucks. Yes, trucks that drive around, park on a street and sell food straight out of the truck. These trucks usually have tweeter accounts and tweet to their followers where to come and get the food. So far I've heard of cupcake trucks, Vietnamese trucks, Latin trucks, etc, etc. But as of a week ago the only truck food experience I've had was with one dessert truck: don't want to name any names, because the cupcake I tasted, although very pretty, had a stranger after taste to it.

Last Monday I was meeting Nicole from Discojing for lunch and a quick lesson on Photoshop. Somehow, the two girls who ♥ food (that's us!) could not decide on where to eat. We ended up agreeing to decide on Monday right before meeting up. Early Monday morning Nicole emailed me to say that Fojol Bros will be parking their truck in a suitable to us location according to their tweet status. I could not have been happier.

You see, I've heard about Fojol Bros for a while, but haven't had a chance to try their food. What kind of food? Indian: just one of my most favorite cuisines. But how good can food from a truck be?

Some info about Fojol Bros from their website:

On January 20th, 2009, the fojol bros. of Merlindia emerged from their home in the village of Adams Morgan and hit the streets of DC to share their family traditions with the world. They served food from their family truck and listened to and interacted with folks from all over the world. They watched with amazement as armies of people flooded DC on the day the world changed.

While the fojol bros. may represent something different to each of us, they hope to bring together local communities through a dynamic food experience on DC's streets. So, when you see or hear the traveling culinary carnival in your neighborhood, please do not hesitate to stop and join the festivities.
Check out the funny looking hats and mustache!

The menu of Fojol Bros varies and is displayed on the side of the truck: you choose the number of sides you wish, come to the window, order, pay, and then wait for your food.

I decided to try "pick 3" and chose vegetable mix, chicken curry and buttered chicken. Alas, there were no beverages for sale, other that water. I ended up buying a Diet Pepsi from a hot dog vendor nearby.

Then Nicole and I headed to the Portrait Gallery to escape the hot weather and enjoy our food.

My favorite was butter chicken: of course! There is a word "butter" in the name of the dish (it's in the top right corner in the photo above). The portion size was more than generous, the rice grains were separated and cooked just right. As far as I could tell, the chicken was all white meat: a definite plus in my book. The vegetables (seen in the photograph below) included carrots, beans, cauliflower and potatoes. They had a bit of a kick to them (as in heat), and would be perfect addition to the rice for any vegetarians.

All this for $9!? Definitely a win/win situation.

What are some of your favorite food trucks!?


Amy said...

MMM, looks good! My favorite is the Sauca truck and the cupcake truck!

Esi said...

But remember all those food trucks the first night of Foodbuzz fest? I still dream about the roll roti sandwich. Anyway, my favorite trucks in LA are the new Manila Machine and the Grilled Cheese truck...heaven!

fuat gencal said...

Çok leziz görünüyor. Ellerinize sağlık.


♥peachkins♥ said...

they look great!

Fernando said...

You're right, food trucks are all the rage. There is one down here in Durham that I visit on a semi-regular basis (once every two weeks or so) that only sells hamburgers and fries. I actually just wrote a review of their breakfast burger from last Saturday's farmer's market. There are also several other trucks down here, including a Bulgogi truck, but I haven't tried any of them yet.

BTW, I know it's not a truck, but have you been to El Pollo Rico in Clarendon? You should REALLY check it out.

nicole said...

Hey! If you go to El Pollo Rico, you gotta go w/ me, that's my hood! And I still haven't been there.

This food was super yummy -- the containers looked small when in line, but when we got up there, they were just the right amount of food~