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Ray's Hell Burger Too

I doubt I'd ever become a vegetarian. I love steaks, burgers, beef fajitas and pulled pork. When I once dated (very shortly) a vegetarian, poor confused waitresses set a plate of salad in front of me and a juicy burger in front of him: fail.

I've heard of Ray's Hell Burger Too for a while and finally got to try it out with Nicole this past Thursday.

For some reason I could not find a website, but here's the address: 1725 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209. (703) 841-0001.

Let me just say that this is not a place to go if you want atmosphere. The walls were pretty empty, there were not tablecloths, and the lighting was rather harsh. But we were there for the food! The menu listed about a dozen burgers, a few sides and milkshakes. Thanks to some help from my Twitter friends, Nicole and I decided to split a burger, a small side of sweet potato fries and a milkshake. Talk about a cheap date :)

We settled on a Big Punisher burger: Dialo Burger with Pepper Jack cheese, charred jalapenos, grilled onions and Piranha sauce. The hard part came when we had to decide how to cook the burger: I like mine medium rare, but Nicole likes her medium well. We settled on medium. While we waited, we sipped on our chocolate milk shake (we had two straws: just in case you were wondering). The milkshake was thick, sweet, and chocolaty. It's been ages since I've had one, and I was a happy girl.

And then our burger platter came! How good does that look? (Keep in mind I took the photos on an auto setting with a flash. Sigh.)

The burger was quite pink in the middle. It was juicy, the bun was well toasted, and I liked the sesame seeds on top. If you don't like the heat, definitely choose another burger. Both Nicole and I had to take the jalapenos off!

The sweet potato fries were great: crispy, cooked through and not greasy. I just wish they would have had a few different dipping sauces for them instead of just ketchup (although I mixed my ketchup with mayonnaise).

Final verdict: a great place for a casual dinner or lunch. Definitely split a burger: we had plenty of food and no one went home hungry.

Have you been to Ray's Hell Burger Too? If so, what did you order?


Sasha said...

Wow, all this food looks absolutely mouth-watering. I wish there was one in New York... : /

Only, shouldn't the name be "heaven" not "hell"?

Unknown said...

Best burger ever, and you're making me hungry! I tried a burger place in Vancouver hoping for something remotely way.

helenahimm said...

I had the Bone Marrow burger which was a great idea because they have over cooked my burger in the past, so the marrow brought back juiciness to it..

the bun can't hold the burger so for me Ray's is a fork & knive burger.

I don't like any of their sides, and I haven't tried their shakes.

I live across them so it is awesome to have them close!


The Small Boston Kitchen said...

That looks like a great burger! I agree with you, I could never even consider being a vegetarian.

Gastronomer said...

Now, that's a great looking burger! I love milkshakes with my burger, too ;-)

Michelle at Hey Love Designs said...

I mix my ketchup with mayo too!!! I've been wanting to check out the place, but I haven't heard anything about their vegetarian burgers.

Capitol to Capital said...

Sweet potato fries are a great side; onion rings are good too.

I always get the same burger. Blackened, Heck sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cooked "recommended." Juicy and delicious, it is my absolute favorite food item in the greater District area, going strong since 2008.

Leslie said...

ohhh good lord..that looks crazy good. And those sweet potato fries...aghhhh!

Anonymous said...

That burger looks heavenly. Well.. heavenly hellish. =)

I'd love to try it but VA is a long way to hike for a burger over the weekend. Maybe next time I'm on that coast.. which I'm not sure when that will be..

There's a place called Vito's here in Bourbonnais that has what they call the "Firehouse" burger with all these different peppers on it. I was SO excited to try it and see if I could eat it. It sounded so spicy. While juicy and flavorful, it definitely didn't deserve the name "Firehouse". Oh well.

Paige said...

Gosh that burger looks great. I'm adding this to my list of restaurants to try in DC

Unknown said...

lol, Olga I'm with you!! I could be a vegetarian for about one day, tops!!

BlueToYou said...

that milkshake looks SO good. i can just imagine it with the friends.....mmmmmm..