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How To Make Popcorn Without A Microwave and DC Shorts Film Festival

Movies and popcorn go hand in hand, right?

But what about making popcorn at home? Have you tried it? I'm not talking about those sealed packets filled with artificial butter and flavorings. I'm talking about buying corn kernels and then using a deep skillet or a wok to pop them.

Trust me, the process is incredibly easy. Not only will you be able to make the exact amount of popcorn you want, but you will have full control over what flavor your popcorn will be.

What does this have to do with movies?

I'll tell you!

Earlier last month I was invited to a preview lunch for the DC Shorts Film Festival. The festival will take place in multiple locations in DC area from September 6th through September 16th. Lucky for all of you local food lovers, there is a big food theme this year.

"Selected films have been paired with local chefs who have prepared small plates for audience members."

If you happen not to be interested in food related short films {who are you!?}, there are still plenty of choices: in its 9th year, the DC Shorts Film Festival will show 140 films from 27 countries. I hope you like subtitles as much as I do!

I already bought my ticket and I hope you get yours soon too! There are also parties, screenplay competition and workshops to consider.

And now, let's talk about popcorn.

How To Make Popcorn Without A Microwave
Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper & Parmesan Popcorn

2 teaspoons olive oil
5 teaspoons dry corn kernels*** 
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
shaved Parmesan, to taste {just use a vegetable peeler to achieve this}

1. Heat a large deep skillet or a wok with a tight fitting lead. Add oil and allow it to heat.
2. Drop one corn kernel and wait until the oil around it starts to sizzle. Drop the rest of the corn kernels. Cover and shake the pan. You'll start hearing the kernels popping. Continue to shake the pan. Once the popping slows down, you are done. {It's better to have some kernels remain un-popped than to burn them.}
3. Transfer the popcorn to a large bowl, mix in black pepper and paprika and top with Parmesan. Serve immediately.

***Note: I had 3 tablespoons of corn kernels remain whole. Not quite sure why it happened, but I still had 3.5 cups of popcorn to consume. Next time I'll just use 2 tablespoons to make this recipe, and hopefully all will be popped.

Have you made your own popcorn? What flavors do you prefer? 

Disclaimer: I was invited to a lunch preview of the DC Shorts Film Festival at Matchbox and also received a copy of the films to preview. Nonetheless, I purchased my own ticket to one of the showcases and was under no obligation to write about the festival. I received no compensation for this post. I just love movies and wanted to share this information with you :)


Belinda @zomppa said...

I'll take your popcorn ay day! LOVE the flavors...far better than any movie popcorn.

DeliciousDish said...

In the past, yes, but not in a long time. I love salty, buttery popcorn best of all... a little cheese doesn't hurt either.

Stacey Viera said...

No need for a microwave is right! Microwave-free since 2008!

This is how I make popcorn, except that during the popping, I shake the covered pot a few times to try and get the popped kernels moving and not browning/burning on the bottom of the pot.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

I shake mine too! Was that not clear in the directions? {I did write them late at night}

Laura @MotherWouldKnow said...

Definitely use the wok (if you have one) instead of a pan because then popcorn making does double duty - seasons your wok while you make delicious treat. Learned all about it from Grace Young, who is the true wok-master of our age. (See Stir Frying to the Sky's Edge, her newest book.) Here is a post on her reasoning & method.

Dannii @Hungry Healthy Happy said...

I'm definitely going to have to make this!

discojing said...

I love the sprinkled corn kernels in the background :)

H Chang said...

Just wanted to link you to another way to make stovetop popcorn (and reduce the number of unpopped kernels)!