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Where to Find New Blog Props? Check Out District Flea!

Where do you find new blog props? I find mine at many places: Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, TJMaxx, World Market, and Sur La Table...just to name a few.

It's almost like I forget that I live in a one bedroom condo with limited space...I just can't seem to pass up a pretty bowl, a uniquely shaped plate or any dish that doesn't have a shine to it, which makes it easier to photograph.

Last month I visited District Flea with my friend Cecilia and her boyfriend and found a few really pretty things that I just had to take home with me.

First, check out these gorgeous plates!!! Cecilia had her eye on them first, but could not make up her mind. So being a good friend (ha!!), I suggested we buy the set together and split it: that way we'll each get two dinner plates and two saucers. She listened to me! And not only do Cecilia and I have matching plates now, these are the same plates that Jennifer of Savory Simple has! Maybe my photos will become as awesome as hers when I will use these ;)

And now to something fun and colorful and cheerful and adorable! When  I saw this coffee set, I knew I'll buy it. I was happy the vendor agreed to sell it to me for $20 instead of $25 and wrapped it well enough so that all pieces survived an evening of hanging out with Cecilia and her boyfriend and then dinner at Art & Soul with my friend Erica!
I'm not sure I'll actually use the set for drinking coffee, but it's currently sitting on my TV credenza and makes me smile every time I look at it. It also happen to go well with my Marimekko mugs that my sister gave me for a housewarming 3 years ago.

Special thank you to TheKitchn for posting about this coffee set so that its readers could give me some background on its origins.

Happy almost weekend! If only I had this awesome dessert from Cecilia in front of me right now.


Simone van den Berg said...

Ooooo don't talk about prop shopping... It's an addiction and sadly I do not have a huge storage room either so any extra prop (in addition to the truckload I already own) is kind of a space problem. But love your plates!

Cecilia said...

Such great finds, and we had a fabulous time hunting for treasures!