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Aglaia Kremezi's "Tomato Salad" Bread: Memories of Greek Vacation

Happy Monday! This is my first full week being back at work after coming back from Italy. I haven't really been cooking much, so today I'll share a recipe with you that I learned how to make when I went on a culinary vacation with my friend Cecilia to GREECE!

Last September, Cecilia and I flew to Athens, then took a cab, then a ferry, then another cab to attend a culinary program on the island of Kea: Kea Artisanal. It was a great way to splurge, learn about Greek cuisine, drink a lot of wine, and be in the company of wonderful people.

Aglaia Kremezi and her husband Costas were warm, welcoming, and wonderful hosts. I felt like I was visiting long lost aunt and uncle. Each morning we would arrive to their house, drink coffee, learn a few recipes, have a fabulous lunch outside followed by wine tasting (or honey or olive oil or yogurt), then go back to our own hotel for a nap and then meet again for evening activities. The experience was something I'll never forget.

One of the things we learned how to make was "Tomato Salad" Bread. Carbs and tomatoes? What's not to like. I'm sad to say I haven't made the Recipe since coming back, but that's easy enough to change. I bet looking at the photos below you'd want to make that recipe too!!

What have you been cooking lately?


bellini said...

Back in 2006 I had the opportunity to visit Aglaia and Costas in Kea. It was a life changing journey, started me into blogging, and appreciating the culinary life more.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

what a small world!!!!!