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Greek Culinary Vacation: Kea Artisanal

Today I bring you a photo essay about my experience at the Kea Artisanal Cooking School on the Island of Kea in Greece last year. {Don't forget Monday's post about Tomato Bread!}
This, of course, is also my I haven't cooked or photographed anything for the blog so you get photos from my vacation instead of a blank screen ;)
"KEA ARTISANAL introduces visitors to the Mediterranean way of eating, entertaining, and living. Award-winning and internationally renowned cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi with her husband and a select group of friends lead you on a fascinating journey through authentic Greek island food.
The program includes hands-on cooking classes, wine, cheese, olive oil and honey tastings, as well as explorations of the beaches, villages, and unique archaeological sites of the island."
Above is the official description. Below is my photo evidence! Please note that my time at the Kea Artisanal was not a media trip: I paid my own way and found it completely worth the $$$. I am not getting any compensation whatsoever to share this information with you. I just want to inspire you to think about your next vacation and to dream a little and to try something new! Why not a culinary trip to Greece?
Costas educating the group about Greek cuisine

Aglaia demonstrating a recipe for bread before we all had a chance to make our own

Cheese tasting

Honey tasting

Yogurt tasting: seriously the best yogurt I've ever had. I also got to bring this terracotta pots home!!!

Make sure to come back Friday for one more post!!!

Have you ever taking a culinary vacation? Or taken a cooking class while visiting a new place? What did you think?


Megan said...

That yogurt looks amazing! We did a food tour in Bologna. One of the best experiences ever!

Allison T said...

Wow that looks like an amazing trip! I am not a big fan of planes but I would love to travel all over Europe and learn each countries cuisine!

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

You could technically trains all over Europe once you fly there ;)

Allison T said...

Now that is a good idea :)